With Spring Break just behind us, summer has never sounded so good! Sunny days, BBQs, spending lots of time outdoors, vacations... it's all right around the corner! This summer is going to be an exciting one and with so many things happening, we are here to help you start preparing:

 Top 3 Places to Visit:

      3. A beach near you – take a day to relax

      2. Fiji – Beautiful scenery with pristine beaches

      1. Brazil – The FIFA World Cup starting June 12th

 Top 3 Tips while You're in the Sun:

      3. Protect your skin - wear SPF and cover up

      2. Hydrate - carry a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated

      1. Protect your eyes - block the UV rays with your SOLOs

 Stay tuned... We'll soon be releasing our SOLO Summer Collection and you're going to love the new styles!