Your eye health is essential to prevent health complications in the future. Studies have found that blue-light glasses are a necessary feature to add to your current eyeglass prescription. Excessive screen time has been shown to causes fatigue, unwanted headaches, and eye strains. Furthermore, recent studies indicate that wearing blue-light glasses are an excellent way to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV light. Here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing blue-light glasses

Minimizes Eye Strains

It is not uncommon to deal with eye strains if you spend most of your day on your laptop or in front of a screen. Studies suggest that excessive screen time causes eye strains, which contributes to discomfort. Unfortunately, for some people, it may be hard to minimize your screen time because your profession requires it. Furthermore, trying to accomplish your daily tasks while battling the discomfort of eye strains can be quite hectic.

For this reason, research recommends adding blue-light lenses to your current prescription. Utilizing this feature is an excellent way to minimize eye strains to complete your tasks throughout the day with comfort and ease. All in all, blue-light glasses help reduce the physical stress caused by excessive screen time, which makes your workdays much simpler.

Does Not Disrupt Your Sleep Pattern

Equally important, studies have found that wearing blue-light glasses helps improve your sleep at night. Studies have found that excessive screen time at night has been shown to disrupt a person’s overall sleeping pattern. Excessive screen time contributes to restlessness, which leads to fatigue in the morning. Wearing your blue-light glasses at night allows you to go on your favorite apps, or search the web, without the fear of coping with sleeplessness when you’re already to rest at night.

Protects Against Harmful Diseases

Lastly, studies have found that excessive screen time contributes to harmful diseases, such as Age-Related Macular Regeneration. Research indicates that AMD is the number one cause of blindness in the United States. Common symptoms of Age-Related Macular Regeneration include blurriness, difficulty reading, light sensitivity, and fuzzy vision.

Studies indicate that wearing blue-light blocking glasses helps minimize the chance of developing Age-Related Macular Regeneration over time. Wearing blue-light glasses help block out the light from your screens that contribute to the development of AMD. Altogether, adding a blue-light lens feature to your glasses is a marvelous way to protect your health and increase your overall comfort.