In honor of Mother's Day, SOLO Eyewear team members were asked a few questions about the special ladies in their lives.


Jenny Amaraneni, CEO & Co-Founder

Favorite Memory with my mom: It’s hard to pick one. My mom can make me laugh until I cry. It doesn't matter if we're laying in bed watching a movie or driving to the store. She gets in these funny moods, starts cracking jokes and breaks out into different characters. You have to be there! It's hilarious. I laugh until I cry and I start wheezing.

What I admire about my mom: I've always admired my mom's love for our environment. I grew up on the bayou in Louisiana. We didn't have recycling services yet my mom always encouraged us to recycle. She'd drive to town to bring all of our recyclables to the recycling center. She made compost piles out of leftover food and would use it for gardening. She encouraged us to donate our things to Goodwill every month practically. She's incredibly creative too. I love those things about her and I'm grateful she instilled such great values in me.

Dana Holliday, CCO & Co-Founder

What do you most admire about your mom?

I admire many traits in my mom. She inspired so much of my career and general life direction with her independence, entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance, creativity, adventurousness, I could go on forever... But more than anything, I admire her compassion and altruism. My mom has such a kind heart and will to help others and put their needs before her own.

What is your favorite memory with your mom/aunt/grandma/best friend/etc?

She always brings the fun with her wherever she goes. One recent memory that really stands out was last summer. I had foot surgery and was completely incapacitated. Per usual, my mother was the world’s greatest nurse and helped me during my recovery period with amazing “mom food”, good company, and of course, some fun in the sun. As pictured, she dragged me out into the pool against my will on an inflatable pool chair, turned on some music and swam around with me for the afternoon. It was such a refreshing change of pace, exactly what I needed –I guess it’s true, mother always knows best.


Laura Hart, Social Media Intern

Favorite memory:

My favorite memory(s) with my mom are when my mom used to drive me to school and we would sing together to the radio, she had an amazing voice.

What I admired most about my mom:

Her unwavering strength. She was such an inspiration to anyone who knew her. I hope to be half the mom she was when I get older.

Brian Hagerty, Online Communications Manager

One of my favorite memories is playing golf with my mom and my brother. Spending the time on the golf course always seems to bring us together. We may not be the greatest but we always manage to have an incredible time!

Something I incredibly admire about my mother is her drive to succeed! She has faced a lot of adversity during her life but has always managed to keep pushing forward and doing the right thing.  

Emily DeNoble, Marketing Intern

What do you admire most about your mom?

My mom is such a strong person, inside and out. She does not give up when told that she can't do something. I've always tried to replicate this quality. At the same time, she is extremely caring and has always wanted the best for my sisters and me. Her resilience and compassion are traits I have always admired.

What is your favorite memory with your mom?

We recently went on a trip to San Francisco together. After walking around Ghirardelli Square, as pictured below, she insisted on taking a historic cable car back to the BART, rather than walking. Although we had to wait in line for over an hour, I realized she was right- riding the cable car is such an exhilarating experience! I'm glad I was able to share it with my mom.

Jerry Barajas, Marketing Intern

The thing that I admire is the fact that she leads by example. My mom has always inspired me to keep going.  No matter what she is faced with she has showed me that everything will work hard as long as you put in the time and dedication.  

My favorite memory with my mom is the family vacation we took to Acapulco, Mexico.  My mom is the reason that I love to travel.  Every since I was little we have always been taking road trips to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Laughlin.  To this day I truly believe that traveling is the only thing you can buy that makes you a better person.