With the winter season just around the corner, get ready for cold weather, strong gusts of wind, snow, and other harsh conditions. During the cooler months of the year, your eyes are exposed to factors that can cause unpleasant symptoms. Whether you deal with dry, irritated eyes, or red puffy eyes, there are preventative steps you can take to avoid dealing with the discomfort. Let’s look at some ways that the winter season affects your eyes:

Cold Temperatures

As mentioned above, cold weather conditions lead to dry, irritated eyes. When you don’t have moist, lubricated eyeballs, it’s nearly impossible to blink without pain. During the winter, people tend to blast the heater and trap in the heat, but this can be a main culprit for your dryness. The cold outdoor air tends to have the same effect due to low humidity. In order to restore moisture in the air, try using a humidifier when you’re awake and your eyes are open. You can also boil a pot of hot water and place your face near it!

Gusts of Wind

It’s never fun walking outside, and getting blown away before you even take a step off your porch. With strong gusts of wind comes environmental aggressors such as pollen, dust, dirt, debris, and other particles blowing around in the air. If you deal with allergies or watery eyes, the cool, winter wind could be your enemy. Breezy weather can cause red, puffy eyes and excessive tearing. It’s important to wear protective eye gear, such as sunglasses from SOLO Eyewear. You can also apply warm washcloth compresses to produce fluids.

Snow & Ice

In some parts of the world, snow and ice take over the land during the winter season. Between excessive snowfall and iced over belongings, you may deal with reflective surfaces that display immense amounts of bright light. If you have sensitive eyes, this can lead to increased blinking and discomfort. Changes in vision such as blurriness are only temporary when caused by snow, but no one wants to deal with unexpected vision loss. When you’re shoveling or scooping snow, be sure to wear sunglasses or goggles!

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