Living in the year 2020, our screen time usage is at an all-time high between smartphones, tablets, computers, and other technological devices. It’s easy to depend on technology for all your tasks, due to its accessibility and convenience. But if you overuse technological screens, you may struggle with eyestrain, insomnia, depression, behavioral issues, attention span problems, and decreased physical activity, according to research. Here are some tips to improve your screen time habits to avoid running into lifelong problems:

Set Boundaries

It’s extremely important to set boundaries and time limits while using digital screens daily. If you work primarily on a computer, make sure that every 20-30 minutes you exercise your eyes and give them a break. Once your shift is over, you should set boundaries and rules that you do not overuse other screens such as TV’s, phones, and tablets because you’re just shifting from one computer screen to another form. Instead, go take a walk, play a card game, or make a meal. This will allow you to detach from work and responsibilities, and shift into a moment of reality where you are present in the moment.

Control the Brightness

Another great tip to incorporate while using your screens is to control the brightness settings. If you have it on full brightness, your eyes are working extra hard to adjust to the light and colors. You want to match your brightness with your workstation or environment. Find a balance between bright while and dull and gray so that you aren’t straining your eyes. It’s also a good idea to change your settings from ‘Light Mode’ to “Dark Mode.’ This will make the contrast and backlighting dark so the text size and font is the white light. Altering your settings is essential when you want to give your eyes a break.

Remind Yourself to Blink

Probably the most overlooked task while using a digital screen is to remember to blink frequently. Blinking is crucial in keeping your eyes moist and lubricated to prevent dryness and irritation. Studies show that people tend to blink about one-third as often as they normally do, and sometimes only blink partially, while using screens. For all of you out there that forget to blink, simply close your eyes and allow them to lubricate themselves, you will be so happy that you did!

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