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14 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer!

1. Wake up earlier. It might be the last thing you want to do on summer vacation, but do this to get the most out of your day! Plus, you'll have time to prepare and enjoy a great breakfast!

2. Stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

3. Have a good laugh. Catch up with friends over brunch, watch a funny film, hang out with your dog! Laughter is the best medicine.

4. Compliment at least one person per day. This can be a friend, an acquaintance, co-worker, stranger, whoever!

5. Eat your fruits and vegetables. You can even turn them into smoothies!

6. Stop procrastinating. We tend to give in to the dog days of summer, but push yourself and complete what you need to complete! Who said you can’t be productive during the summertime?

7. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything too intense. A run around the block, a leisurely hike, or even an at-home YouTube workout video.

8. Go out for ice cream with your family and friends. You can’t beat good company and a sweet treat!

9. Do something nice for someone. A Random Act of Kindness, volunteer at an animal shelter, pick up trash at the beach, or help your neighbor lift those heavy objects.

10. Have a pool or beach day. Beat the heat this summer and lounge by the pool or on the beach!

11. Go to the movies. Another way to avoid the summer heat is by retreating to the theaters! Catch this summer’s blockbusters and enjoy that bucket of popcorn!

12. Try to learn something new everyday. This can either be an interesting fact you saw online or a new skill you taught yourself!

13. Take a brief moment during your day to take three mindful, deep breaths. Deep breaths have a way of calming our minds and reducing stress.

14. And lastly, get outside and explore! Treat everything like an adventure.

7 Tips for the Perfect Summer Road Trip

Planning a road trip this summer? Follow these tips for the perfect summer road trip!

1. Pick a destination

For some, going on a road trip with no plan is the epitome of adventure. For others, there is assurance in knowing where they are headed. Regardless of how you categorize yourself, why not choose a destination you’ve never been to before? Now while it’s not necessarily about the destination, but rather the journey, it’s nice to know that the adventure doesn’t have to end once the engine is turned off.

2. Bring Friends

Pack up the car with friends and your road trip is guaranteed to be a success. Or, at the very least, you’ll be having a ton of fun!

3. Pack an instant camera

Today’s generation constantly desires instant gratification, and in this digital age, it isn’t difficult to achieve that. But why not take it back a decade or two? Buy a disposable camera or use a Polaroid to document all those unforgettable moments.

4. The infinite playlist

Like peanut butter and jelly… Bonnie and Clyde… great music and road trips go hand-in-hand. Load up your playlist with everyone’s favorite songs. Bonus points for those that can be sung at the top of your lungs!

5. Make healthy snacks

Sure, the candy and junk food will keep your energy levels up in the short-run. But for those car journeys lasting longer than half an hour, those snacks just won’t cut it. Plan ahead and stash your cooler with refreshing fruits, crunchy vegetables, and water.

6. Make a difference along the way

Make your road trip experience even more rewarding by interacting with the local community. It can be as simple as shopping at a local farmer’s market or picking up trash. Or at your destination, go the extra mile and volunteer at a local non-profit. The choice is yours!

7. Your adventurous spirit

Half the fun of a road trip is the spontaneous pit stop(s) made along the way. Be adventurous and have fun!

Oh, and of course, you can’t forget the road trip essentials: comfy clothes, hand sanitizer, and your favorite pair of SOLOs!


One's Happy Place is One's Serenity

Some people have one significant happy place that is their thinking spot. It’s their time to reflect on the past and envision the future. Being in that specific spot, whether in solitude or with a companion, gives you a sense of belonging.

My happy place is a symbol of serenity.

I don’t have one concrete happy place because my happy place is driving down California’s Pacific Coast Highway a.k.a. PCH. There is something about driving in my car along the coast, watching the ocean shimmer endless beauty that makes me want to dive in head first. The change of scenery as I drive reminds me that my journey will have unexpected curves and turns and that my path will merge into another direction. And I remind myself that living life on the edge is exactly how I want to live. 

The PCH was my getaway in high school. At night, I would drive along the road with my windows down and listen to the waves crash against the cliffs. I would sing my heart out to soulful ballads, then pick a spot to pull over and gaze at the moon and the stars reflecting against the ocean. When I visit my hometown, I always try to make time for my happy place; whether it is 2 pm or 2 am, driving down the coast never seems to let me down. I always write and write for hours, jotting down my hopes and dreams, making them feel more tangible. I express how I want to break free and discover life’s mysteries. 

It's also nice to share my happy place with my friends. We enjoy driving down the coast and hiking up what is known as the “sandhill.” It’s a place where we pick up where we left off, reminiscing on old adventures and sharing new ones. The PCH will always be a place I enjoy coming back to, giving me that familiar, tranquil feeling.


It has been there for me during my triumphs and defeats, but no matter how I feel during the ride, I always leave feeling a sense of victory.



What is your happy place? If you don't have one, don't waste your days in a daze. Go out. Explore. Play. Life's treasure is out there, and it's up to you to find the X that marks the spot.

The 7 Billion Others Project Illustrates Unity on Earth

With more than 7 billion others on Earth, we still have a deep connection with each other in one way or another. Although individuals carry different beliefs, we collectively have a universal idea of the meaning of life. The 7 Billion Others  project does an incredible job of giving us a global, profound insight of our unifying similarities and the principle differences that urge us to make a difference. 

Yann Arthus-Bertrand partnered with Sybille d’Orgeval and Baptiste Rouget-Luchaire to illustrate the unity on Earth and the actions we need to take to further work towards harmony. The project consists of 6,000 filmed interviews in 84 countries in which people are asked about their views, including hopes, dreams, and fears. In his editorial, Arthus-Bertrand shares his personal mission to give via the purpose of the 7 Billion Others project:

"For in struggles to come, whether it is the struggle against poverty or climate change, we cannot act on our own. The times in which one could think only of oneself or of one’s own small community are over. From now on, we cannot ignore what it is that links us and the responsibilities that this implies.

There are more than seven billion of us on Earth, and there will be no sustainable development if we cannot manage to live together. That is why 7 Billion Others is so important to me. I believe in it because it concerns all of us and because it encourages us to take action. I hope that each one of us will want to reach out and make these encounters, to listen to other people and to contribute to the life of 7 Billion Others by adding our own experiences and expressing our desire to live together."

The philanthropic photographer demonstrates that with enlightenment, drive, and action, we can make a difference. He manifests in SOLO's mantra that one idea, one action, one person can change the world. Among the tender film topics are happiness, differences, making love last, and the meaning of life.

When it comes down to it, we are all in pursuit of happiness - to find a state beyond contentment, a state that's full of love and laughter, a state of bliss. A lady from Romania describes happiness as "to feel good in your own skin" and expresses that she will obtain happiness once she feels self-love. She demonstrates that we all have our insecurities that contributes to feeling unsatisfied with life, but she also shows us that we each have the ability to uplift each other. A man from Cuba expresses how "No one on Earth knows total happiness," and maybe he's right because we all have our triumphs and defeats. However, we can still create a joyful journey. Throughout the interviews of asking the simple question, "What is happiness?" human beings around the world describe happiness as satisfaction in life - whether it's for the moment, for the day, or for eternity.



Many of the 7 billion others on Earth, unfortunately, feel as if they do not know what happiness is due to the fact that it is hard to achieve the fundamentals of life, such as putting food on the table for their family or funding an education for their children. Each film clenches your heart, tugging on its strings to care, to act, and to believe you can make a difference. Yann Arthus-Bertrand does an exceptional job of making you want to flourish the world with positivity and extend a simple helping hand.

SOLO Eyewear encourages you to learn more about the 7 Billion Others project and explore the world through the visions of human souls that are just like you. Most importantly, we encourage you to fulfill your personal Mission to Give.


Beautiful Things the Whole World Should See

There are some beautiful things we see in daily life where we simply take a moment to appreciate the significance of it all. What we fail to realize is that there are many people all around the world who unfortunately, cannot clearly view the beauty we see. SOLO Eyewear strives to give people a chance to see the views and beautiful moments that most of us get to see every day.

 Here are a few things that we are beyond grateful to see:

1. The Sky

There is something powerful about the sky. How it can so subtly set the tone of each hour of the day.

The way the sun rises to give the day a new light, new beginnings, new opportunities. The way the white clouds appear against the bright blue sky creates such a mystery, and you wonder - what else is out there?

The way the sun sets so peacefully against the horizon with a different background every night - from cotton candy skies consisting of cool, calming colors to whimsical watercolor pastels to the classic, picturesque sunset.

The way the stars glisten in the midnight sky, empowered by the moon, and somehow you get lost in your own galaxy. You reflect on the lessons you've learned and the things you still wish to learn. You simply dream of the person you want to be in the universe and what impact you desire to make.

The sky has the power of setting your mood. It's a power not all of us recognize, but it's a power we must be enlightened by.

2. The Ocean

Living in San Diego, we may be a little biased. However, if you have been able to grace one of the five oceans of the world, I am sure you agree; and if you have not, you must admit you've dreamt of it.

The ocean allows us to feel a sense of tranquility. Serenity comes when the waves kiss the shore, and it's almost as if you can hear the water roaring towards relaxation.

For many of us that live along the coast, the ocean is our getaway. When we want to feel at peace, a visit to the ocean is always the answer. When we feel like the pressure of the world is weighing upon us, the waves are there to lift it right off of us into the depths of the sea. The ocean has a way of making us feel like everything is going to be okay. It's a reminder to trust our journey because a true sailor navigates his way without a fear in the world. 

3. Last but not least, LOVE.

Love is a beautiful feeling, and it comes in all forms.

The love for your passion in life - whether it's art, music, fashion, science, culture, athletics, etc. It's beautiful to see people pour their hearts and souls into the things they love. They have something that fuels their ambition, something that fuels a life worth living. And the fuel you witness can fuel something in you.

The love for adventure - a time to reflect. Adventure is a time to reflect on the person you were, the person you are, and the person you want to be. It allows you to be proud of how far you've come and look forward to the rest of your journey.

The love for your loved ones - your family, your friends, your significant other. Being able to see your loved ones' faces is a privilege no one should ever take for granted. The expression on your mother's face in times of endearment. The expression on you father's face when he's proud of you. The expressions your friends make when laughing ridiculously at your jokes. The expression your significant other makes when he or she realizes you're the one. Seeing the ones you love happy sparks a happiness in you.

It's not just about the physical aspect of what's visible to the eyes, but it's rather about feeling the beauty of life that's triggered by seeing the things that inspire us, the things we adore, and most importantly, the people we hold so dear to our hearts.

So take a moment, and show gratitude for the beautiful things you are able to see and thus feel.

SOLO Eyewear's Mantra

Our mantra is one idea, one person, one action can change the world. We believe that we each have a purpose in this world, and through our purposes, we impact the history of humanity. You may think, "History? No no no...I'm not a part of history." Ahhh, but yes you are.



Each small action makes a difference: holding the door open for someone behind you, picking up that piece of trash you didn't carelessly drop on the ground, telling that stranger he looks good today. The positive energy you put into the universe reflects on this earth. With more than 7 billion people on Earth, each human being can make positive choices so we can see the change we wish to see in this world.



We believe in a world where every kind thought, every kind action goes a long way - where people believe that kindness is virtue. Where kindness grows and becomes the central topic of news. Where people believe in helping others, even strangers. We believe in a world of mindfulness. Where people are aware of the good and the bad they do. And we hope that people realize that every choice they make affects this earth. We believe that the foundation of life relies on the conscious effort of making good choices, so that every living species can live in peace and harmony. We believe in the saying that “Happiness never decreases from being shared,” because as Buddha mentioned, “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” At SOLO Eyewear, we aim to make a difference, one smile at a time.

We’re in this world together so we should work together to make it the best it can be. The actions you take show what kind of world you want so say yes to kindness, peace, and love. Your decisions today can create a better tomorrow. 


SOLO - one idea. one person. one action can change the world.


5 Simple Ways to Save the Planet

We all know the basics: recycling aluminum cans as well as plastic and glass bottles. But do you reuse your water bottles? What about your hummus tubs? Or the plastic bags you get from the grocery store because you forgot to bring your reusable bag.


Reuse containers that previously enclosed hummus, yogurt, etc. You can wash them out and use them as a to-go container for your lunch. Then, recycle them when desired. This is a good go-to if you’re a student, and you need the extra space your fancier to-go containers would be taking up in your schoolbag.
If you don’t have reusable grocery bags, you need to go out and buy yourself one. They’re typically only 1 or 2 dollars, and you can reuse them over and over. To prevent forgetting to bring them with you to the grocery store, try to store them in your car right after you unload your groceries.
If you forget to bring your reusable grocery bags, use the plastic bags as trash liners. No need to buy liners for your trash cans. You’ll save the planet and save your wallet.


Hang drying your clothes simply saves energy. You know what else it does? It saves your clothes. The heat from dryers damages the fibers in your clothing and takes away the color. Hang drying preserve your garments’ fibers, color, and fit. Save your clothes; but most importantly, save the planet!


We all hate excessive junk emails, and all it takes is a click of a button to unsubscribe. But what about physical junk mail? Think about all of the paper that goes to waste. You don’t need all of that paper piling up…unless you buy a car from the local dealership every week. 
Learn more on how to prevent waste through this WikiHow: How to Get Rid of Junk Mail.


Whenever you can, buy locally. Local farmers don’t need to transport their produce far thus reducing pollution and packing materials.
Attending local farmers markets is a great social experience, too! You can talk to the local farmers and ask them about the nutrients within their produce and how they cultivate them. You'll find out of the ordinary produce such as yellow watermelon and purple cauliflower that you wouldn't find at the supermarket.
Buying from local farmers helps them support their family. So empower your community and keep the positive vibes flowing!


Do not just throw away items you want to get rid of. Donate! The saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” can go so far. There are others who are less fortunate that can use those shoes you don’t wear anymore, the mattress you no longer need.
Help someone in need. One of the best parts of donating your stuff is that you can choose where you donate it too. You can donate your clothes and other goods to an organization you believe in. You can help a cause close to your heart. You can touch others’ hearts.
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