JULY 2012 marks a very important and long awaited time for SOLO Eyewear.  After months and months of tweaking, designing and researching, drinking crazy amounts of caffeine, meeting with industry pros, long nights huddled around our laptops and gaining awesome support on Kickstarter, SOLO will finally receive the Summer 2012 Collection…. Sound the trumpets, cue the Rocky theme song!  These bad boys are coming….

Mark your calendars!  The Delivery date is set…. SOLOs will be here in JULY 2012 and we CAN’T WAIT! Through Kickstarter and hosting pre-orders on our website, we have gained supporters from all over the world.  We are unbelievably excited and feeling incredibly blessed to receive such support.  The SOLO Summer Collection is on the path to becoming an international hit! Woo Hoo! Our Vision to Give will soon reach a whole new level and we owe it all to YOU.  Thank You!

To top it all off, SOLO Eyewear will be featured on The Doctor's talk show on May 31st! HOLY MOLY, we are so excited! Check out this preview: