On Wednesday, March 21st, SOLO Eyewear started a movement to educate people about one powerful statistic.

“80% of the world’s blindness is preventable.”

Volunteers aka Movers gathered at a busy intersection in downtown San Diego. They stood on the street corners blind folded holding signs that read, “80% of the world’s blindness is preventable.” Hundreds of people passed by the Movers. Some people asked questions, some simply walked by… at the end of the day, we knew we had spread the word about this powerful statistic.

Our goal is to expand the SOLO Movement to 3 more cities by Summer's end. We are asking for your help in hosting a Movement in your city. Please contact us if you are interested:

Jenny: jenny@soloeyewear.com
Dana: dana@soloeyewear.com

SOLO Eyewear addresses this statistic by funding cataract surgeries for people in need. Nearly half of the world’s preventable blindness is due to cataracts which can be treated for $15-$40 and in as few as five minutes. To date, SOLO Eyewear has funded 105 cataract surgeries in India.