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SOLO Summer Social Went Off!

The SOLO Summer Social was awesome! We want to thank a few people for the success we had. First off to the W hotel, we could not have put on such an amazing event without your help and space. We encourage anyone in San Diego to take the time to go down and hang out on their rooftop lounge. Sun, cold drinks, and cool people; what more could you ask for? Secondly we want to thank Good on Ya drinks for supplying our guests with some delicious natural beverages. Third, Jackson Breit was one hell of a performer and musician, and we certainly owe him one for making everyone laugh, cheer, and sing along to great music throughout the party. Finally- we want to thank every one of you who came out, and especially those of you who bought SOLO's and supported our mission to give. If you didn't make it, no worries, there is always next year! 

SOLO Summer Social

We hope you’re getting excited about the Summer! We sure are at SOLO Headquarters! Over the last few months we have been preparing to release our new line of sunglasses, and we are excited to announce that they are here! Please meet the new frames in the SOLO family.

Any of the new frames in the family can be purchased on our website or in our retail locations. If you prefer to see them in person, you can drop by the “SOLO Summer Social” tomorrow, June 21st to purchase a pair in person! The event is going to run from 5-7 pm at the W Hotel Sky Beach Lounge in downtown San Diego. Entry is free- so stop by, listen to some live music, support our mission to give and come check out our new line!


Fathers Day is On Sunday

Before I was around, my dad used to race bicycles professionally. I was super proud when I found out he placed 10th out of 5,000 contestants in a race he did a few weekends ago in NYC.

While on the subject- this Sunday is fathers day! These days it’s almost impossible to find a unique gift; one that excites and surprises, and your old man probably doesn’t need another BBQ apron. As you may know SOLO has just introduced a whole new line of sunglasses for summer. We think your dad would love all of them, however, there are a few that stick out from the rest. 

Give him something that no-one else has! Every pair of glasses from our “artist series” is made individually, making them all one of a kind. And of course we still incorporated all the features you love, including recycled bamboo frames and spring loaded hinges. Check out "the wave."

Does your dad look like this?

Yes you say? Well that's super bitchin' - you should be proud because Hasselhoff is the man. And the rest of you needn't fret- because SOLO has you covered. 

Give your dad a pair of our signature "Hoff's" and he will be towing boats out of dangerous waters with his teeth in no time at all. 


Speaking of boats, if neither of these glasses are floatin' yours, we have our entire collection available on our website.


Have fun this Sunday enjoying your family and spending time with your Dad. 




"Share the Love" For a Chance to Win!

Friends, it’s time you meet the new frames in the family!

Take a second to vote on your favorite new frame below. Share the campaign on Facebook for a chance to win a free pair of SOLO sunglasses!

This summer SOLO has more sunglass options than ever! Our newest collection is available for pre-order and we can assure you that they are hotter than sandy beaches in July.

Check out our sassiest frame, the Shady Lady. Throw these on and teleport to a seaside hammock under a few palm trees. No matter the time of year, every day is a dream vacation when wearing Shady Lady’s.


Next up, scope The Hoff. Whether you’re saving lives like Mitch or fighting crime like the Knight Rider, there’s no problem too hard to handle when rocking The Hoff.


Meet Green Flash! According to our friends at Wikipedia - D.K.J. O'Connell produced the first color photographs of a green flash at sunset in 1960. Watch out Mr. O'Connell, SOLO is about to set the world record for photos of the Green Flash at sunset.


Last but not least, Han SOLO. You better act fast! Vader and the ’troopers just got word... They're leaving the Dark Side just to get their hands on some Han SOLO’s.


We’re super excited about the new frames in the SOLO fam! Let us know what you think by commenting below… we’d love to hear from you! Remember, the best part about our shades is not the quality and style, it’s the fact that each pair purchased funds eye care for people in need. Join our #MissiontoGive.

National Bike Month Coming to a Close!


Have you noticed more people riding their bikes lately?


That’s because May is National Bike Month. With June just around the corner, there are only a few days left to get in on it.


Here are a few ideas to get you stoked.


  1. Grab a few friends, pack some food and drinks in a backpack and go for an adventure on your bike.
  2. Ride your bike to work or school like this fellow from London.
  3. Ride down a mountain.
  4. Embrace your inner hipster and learn how to do a “track stand” on a fixie.
  5. Finally, if you’re going to go for number three just don’t be this guy.


Have fun knowing you’re emitting zero emissions and staying healthy!


SOLO wants you to get outside and ride your bike!

Preppy? Preps? Prepsters?

Preppy isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle. Dressed to impress, these fashion icons never leave the house without looking put together. The preps have a universal motto to their style and that is class. From oxford button downs to Sperry shoes, our preppy ladies and gents have a very distinct style. They know exactly what brands to buy: to name a few, Polo, Lacoste and Vineyard Vines are some of the top brands chosen by our preps.  


We understand the particular style of our ‘prepsters’ and respect their classy and put together fashion sense. When we say respect, we mean waving our hands back and forth idolizing the effort and thought that is put into each outfit. We all know it’s already hard enough to get out of bed on a Monday morning and when you add putting on a decent looking outfit, we’re playing a whole different ballgame. Hence, this is why we call preppy a lifestyle, rather than just a trend. 

From vacationing to Martha’s Vineyard to just hitting up the driving range, our preps definitely need some sunnies to protect them. Though we might not be a typical brand looked at by our preppy fashionistas, our glasses fit right in with almost any style. Our colored lenses add a slash of color to any look and you can never go wrong with our timeless tortoise and gradient brown lenses. At SOLO, we feel like it is crucial for our brand to appeal to the masses. So, Prepsters, Hipsters, Yogis, Adventurers, we bet there’s a pair of our glasses with your name written all over them, just trust us and go check out our site! 

Hipster Fashion

Flooding the streets from Haight-Ashbury to the heart of New York City, hipsters are beginning to take the spotlight when it comes to the fashion game. They are the innovative souls of our generation. Their independent style of high-wasted shorts, tight pants, stressed denim, graphic tees, and high-tops sneakers (just to name a few) separate them from the “average Joes” of this world. Always staying ahead of the trends, Hipsters frequent local thrift stores and resale shops to seek out lost gems to add to their eclectic wardrobe.

Our sunnies manage to fit right in with the Hipster crowd. The combination of our bright lens and recycled bamboo temples separate our glasses from, as previously stated, the “average Joes” of the sunglass world. SOLOs have an understated yet original style that makes them appealing and pleasing to all types of people. We personally suggest the BAMBLUES, NOLIAWOODS, and HONEYWOOD-YAs for the daring folks who want a little more personal touch to their outfit. 

This one goes out to you, Hipsters, the trendsetters of this world. When you get a chance to take a break from rummaging through vintage furniture shops or picking up your next vinyl, take a moment to check out our glasses. Grab your fixie and take a trip to one of our SOLO retailer’s shops or feel free to order a pair online!


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