Summer 2012 has been an incredible time for SOLO Eyewear.  We concluded our Kickstarter project, financed production of our latest collection of SOLOs and launched pre-orders on our website.  A few months later, we received the long awaited SOLO collection.  Words can't convey the joy we felt when our collection arrived...we were THRILLED!  After 10 months of product development, fundraising and spreading the word, our hard work had finally come to fruition. With the help of our awesome interns, we filled 1,000 pre-orders for our amazing customers. We can't thank you enough for believing in us! 

The ULTIMATE GIFT of receiving such amazing support is being able to turn around and help thousands of others across the world.  Every day millions of people go about their daily lives with poor vision or completely blind in one or both eyes due to their lack of access to eye care.  80% of the world's blindness is preventable.  This statistic is why we do what we do.  We believe in our power as individuals to make radical, positive change in the world.  We thank you for joining us in this mission.  Because of your support, we have now helped restore vision for over 2,300 people in need across the world. Wow! 2,300 people will now see clearly and be able to lead full, productive lives... all because of YOU.  You decided to support us and we appreciate every ounce of that support. Let's keep making wonderful changes in our world!

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