On March 29th, Dana Holliday and Jenny Amaraneni, co-founders of SOLO Eyewear boarded a plane to San Antonio, Texas. They were headed on SOLO's first giving trip of 2014. Four hours later, they landed in Texas, hopped in a car and drove to the Mexico border with plans to assist at a volunteer eye care clinic in Vamos Tamaulipas. Jenny and Dana brought with them 300 pairs of eyeglasses to contribute to the clinic and help distribute to people in need. 

The next few days were amazing. Jenny and Dana teamed up with a group of volunteers to set up the clinic and host it. The morning the clinic doors opened, a line of people stood outside waiting to be seen. They all needed to have their eyes checked and many were in need of eyeglasses. Because the environmental conditions were so harsh, the team distributed sunglasses to everyone who visited the clinic. Sunglasses not only provide protection from harmful UV rays but also can prevent dust and debris in the air from affecting your eyes. Everyone who came to the clinic loved trying on different pairs of sunglasses and picking a pair that they loved. 

Jenny and Dana helped with vision screenings and distributing eyeglasses. Many of the people who received glasses were speechless. They would put on a pair of glasses, realize their ability to see clearly and would immediately open their arms for a hug. Their gratitude was immeasurable. Dozens of people of all ages received eye care that week and went home with the ability to see clearly and live more productive lives. Here are a few pictures of our favorite moments at the clinic. 

The SOLO team was incredibly grateful for this wonderful giving experience. Because of fans like you, we are able to make an impact in the world. To view more pictures from our trip, please visit our Facebook page to see our Giving Trip Album. Thank you for supporting SOLO Eyewear and our Mission to Give.