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SOLO Eyewear's Vision to Give

In 2011, SOLO Eyewear pledged to help people across the world with each pair of SOLO sunglasses sold. 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to eye care. Thus, each purchase of SOLO sunglasses funds cataract surgeries and prescription eyeglasses for people in need. Once someone receives a cataract surgery or a pair of glasses, his/her life fills with new opportunities. Children can receive glasses to read with ease and excel in school. Adults can undergo a cataract surgery, have their vision instantly restored and become more productive and better able to provide for their families. The impact is life changing and affects not only the life of the individual receiving eye care but also those around him/her.

The SOLO Eyewear team has dedicated their efforts to helping people in need. With amazing support from you and others like you, our team has successfully funded eye care for 6,540 people across the world which has resulted in an economic impact of $2.4 million dollars. Join the adventure today and learn how you can help through our Vision to Give! 

Patrick Vogt
Patrick Vogt




February 28, 2014

Thank you for the descriptive and very informative blog. An enjoyable and helpful read!

Lorance Harwood,OD;FAAO
Lorance Harwood,OD;FAAO

September 25, 2013

I have read about your work described in Time Magazine this week. Thirty years ago I and my son endeavored to invent a machine to make very cheap glasses for the large part of that 80 percent of the words population that suffer from deficient sight for daily activities. Most of this population is affected by refractive errors and uncorrected presbyopia. Life’s events prevented our work from being completed but over the years I have simplified my designs to devices that can be used without power and local scrap materials. I taught refraction at the University Of California School Of Optometry at Berkeley and know that the art can be taught in a rudimentary form without the need of a math or ability to read in the manor used in Mr. Bunker’s Barefoot College project.
I am a retired optometrist with some background in engineering. If you are interested in my ideas on the subject please return a mailing address and I will send you a description of what might be done.
Lorance W. Harwood, OD; FAAO

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