The sunny summer months are now upon us and now it’s time to brake out your unique, stylish, protection packed sunglasses! The New York Times recently posted an article about sunglasses and the correlation between the price tag and UV protection lenses. Surprisingly, those expensive, designer sunglasses don’t necessarily protect your eyes at all from the harmful rays during the sunniest months of the year. Most people don’t realize the effects of UV rays on their eyes until it’s too late. While you can’t feel UV rays on your eyes, they can cause, cataracts and sometimes-even cancer from constant exposure to sunlight. Throughout this article The New York Times gives a few reminders before purchasing your next pair of sunglasses. Always make sure before you buy your dream pair of sunglasses that it clearly indicates that it blocks at least 98 percent of UV rays. If the sunglasses are vague and don’t clearly have a tag that explains the protection do not buy them. For example, some might say, “absorbs UV rays” or “defends against UV rays.” It’s important to note that you can go to your local eyewear shop to check the protection of your lenses. SOLO Eyewear can proudly say that all of our sunglasses provide full UV protection. Stay Safe SOLO Super Stars! Check out the article below!

Let the Sunshine In, but Not the Harmful Rays