SOLO Eyewear recently had the privilege of being featured on! Co-Founder and CEO, Jenny Amaraneni sits down with Bernard Schroeder, Director of Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University to talk about SOLO Eyewear. Eight companies were selected to be featured, seven of which are based in the New York area... that lucky company selected outside of New York was SOLO Eyewear!

Throughout this interview, Jenny dives behind the scenes about the launch of our summer collection, future goals of SOLO Eyewear and the importance of measuring impact. Jenny also talks about her inspiration to start SOLO Eyewear and the opportunity to provide meaning to the purchase of sunglasses.

Since launching in 2011, SOLO Eyewear has grown into a national brand and restored vision for thousands of people across the world. Over the next 5 years, SOLO Eyewear aspires to reach 1 million people in need of eye care as it becomes a leading socially conscious, eco-friendly sunglasses brand with a Vision to Give.