Hello everyone! 

In celebration of "World Environment Day" the SOLO team has decided to share a little bit about ourselves with you. What follows is a collection of photos and excerpts about some memorable times we have spend outside.





"Whenever I venture out into Northern California's beautiful mountains, I become completely  mesmerized. With each step I take into the never ending trails, I feel a newfound sense of mental rest. When I'm on a secluded trail run, happiness takes over my mind. Everyday I am thankful for the beautiful oasis, the adventures it will always provide, and the ability to develop an everlasting wanderlust for nature. As quoted many times before, 'not all those who wander are lost'- J. R. R. Tolkien."

-Alexis Rinker


 "My favorite outdoor memory is fishing in the bayou. I would drop about 6 fishing lines at a time around the edge of our yard and I'd spend all day watching them and waiting to catch fish. I loved to fish as a kid. I'd even dig for my own worms. Not so sure I could do that now!"  

- Jenny Amaraneni 


"This was taken after I hiked to the top of a volcano in Nicaragua. Afterwards, I "volcano boarded" down. It was such an exhilarating experience! This is one of my favorite memories- and not many people can say they have done anything like it before." - Emily Clarie



"One of my favorite outdoor memories is taking walks on the San Diego harbor drive. My dad used to take me and my sister to check out all the boats when were kids. I used to love walking on board all the historic ships. I loved seeing the crowds of tourists and hearing the planes land and take off at the airport. It reminds me of how lucky am I to has grown up in such a wonderful city"

-Sanhita Sanugula




A few buddies and I had spent close to two hours checking every surf spot from the Sunset Cliffs to Blacks Beach. 

We were getting frustrated because there was enough swell in the water to taunt us, but nothing looked quite good enough for us to make a decision about where to surf. 

Eventually we ended up back where we started. It was such a nice day, we decided that it would be a crime not to paddle out. 

It turned out that we went out at the perfect time, because a lot of other people had gotten out, and it was just my friends and I. The tide changed and the waves got really fun! We scored it all to ourselves for a few hours.

-Dave Nicklas


SOLO is committed to protecting the environment to our full extent. In order to make sure stories like these continue for generations to come, we know it is everyones responsibility to do their part. Using sustainable materials is a way we run a environmentally sound business; our glasses are crafted with recycled, hand-made bamboo temples. You do your part so support our earth everyday when you wear our glasses! Leave a comment and share a story of yours!