Because of your support, we donated 50 sunglasses and 50 reading glasses to the Flying Samaritans San Quintin Eye Clinic on November 9, 2019 in San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico.  We were so happy to help so many people in need of glasses and see the smiles on their faces when we sponsored the clinic.  Thank you for making this possible.


Margie Wilson, who runs the San Quintin eye clinic, assisted thousands of patients each year in need of vision care. 


Angie, a local volunteer, has been helping the clinic for many years.

SQ Eye Clinic
Margie Wilson's diligence and training of the local volumteers made it possible for the clinic to see over 150 patients in one day. 
Lucy, another local volunteer, explains to a patient how to read the eye chart.
The clinic helped well over 150 patients each day. 
Thank you
The clinic is truly a team effort by the Flying Samaritans doctors, local volunteers, and your support of SOLO Eyewear that make it possible for us to donate products to people in need of eye care.