It is not uncommon to experience eye irritation, especially if you use the computer for work throughout the day. Unfortunately, once you begin to experience irritation and strains when it comes to your vision, it may be difficult to get through your workday. Studies have found that irritation typically contributes to headaches, fatigue, and discomfort, which will ultimately impact your performance in the workplace. For this reason, it is necessary to practice eye exercises to help reduce irritability entirely. Here are a few tips to help minimize eye irritation during your workdays.

Refocus Exercises

First things first, once you begin to experience eye irritation, it is necessary to take a break from your work tasks; Working while you are experiencing irritation, will only lead to other symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue as stated above. For this reason, it is vital to take a work break from your desk.

Once you leave your desk area, it is necessary to rehydrate and practice some refocus exercises. For example, studies suggest that changing your focus is excellent way to increase comfort within the eye area. Start by placing your finger in front of your face to change your overall focus. Then, slowly begin to move your finger back and forward as you continuously change your focus. Pay close attention to your finger for a couple of seconds, then stare off into the distance, and refocus your finger in a different position.

Change of Focus Exercises

Equally important, another excellent way to practice is by changing the object of your focus. For this exercise, aim to stare at your thumb for a couple of seconds, then stare into the distance just like the first exercise. Instead of moving your thumb forward or back, pick up an object in your area and begin to switch your focus on this object for a few seconds. Then, place the object back down and switch your focus back on your thumb. In in all, practicing this exercise is an excellent way to minimize eye irritation throughout the day.

20-20-20 Rule

Lastly, it is necessary to always follow the 20-20-20 rule. Following the 20-20-20 rule helps ensure that you are not staring at the computer screen for an excessive amount of time. By following this rule, you may use your computer for 20 minutes, then stare at an object 20ft away for 20 seconds, before returning to your screen. Altogether, following this rule is an excellent way to minimize eyestrains during your workday.