In March, we received a request to host an eye care clinic at an orphanage in Ensenada, BC, Mexico. We learned that the girls at this orphanage had formed a softball team and were doing really well in their league; however, a few girls had quit the team. When asked why they quit the team, the girls replied that they could not see the ball.  After hearing this story, we mobilized the necessary resources to host an eye care clinic

On Saturday, May 12th our team traveled to Ensenada, BC, Mexico which is about 3 hours south of San Diego, CA. When we arrived, the kids were excited to see us and have their eyes examined. It was a warm welcome!

After an hour of setting up, we were ready to go! One by one people filed in to have their vision checked. We had stations to examine each person's ability to see near and far, their depth perception and color vision. In the end, we successfully completed 50 vision exams and learned that nearly 40% of the children and adults were in need of eyeglasses to see clearly.

We feel fortunate to be able to restore their vision by providing eye exams and eyeglasses. By doing so, each child and adult is better able to live more fulfilling and productive lives. Thank you for supporting us in this journey and making our vision restoring efforts possible. We couldn't do it without you!

Special Thanks to Dr. Meredith Walton, Jessica Ferraro, Jeff Oppido, Ginno Carreon, David and Morgan Manning, Amar Harrag and Katia Stsefaniak. You're a dream team!

Photography by David Manning Photography