Last September, our team selected two lucky fans to accompany us on a Live & Give Road Trip through Baja California, Mexico. It was a great experience! During the trip, we visited Rancho de los Ninos, an orphanage in Baja, that is home to 85 children. We learned that the kids had not had their vision checked in several years. We spoke with the director and let him know that we would return to host an eye care clinic.

Two weeks ago, that clinic came to fruition. With a bit of determination, we managed to assemble a stellar team of volunteers to host the eye care clinic and we also brought two more awesome fans with us to experience the clinic. On Saturday, January 13th, we filled our van with supplies and piled in to make the two hour drive south of the Mexico border. 

Upon arriving, the kids were already outside welcoming us. The children at this particular orphanage are well cared for. They are happy, playful and thriving at Rancho de los Ninos. Most of the children were placed in the orphanage because their parents abandoned them or they lived in very unsafe conditions. We learned that one child lost his family in the September 2017 earthquake. He was a typical, conversational child before the incident. Since then, he stopped speaking and was placed at Rancho de los Ninos. Despite his inability to speak, he was constantly helping us and communicating through writing. At one point, he grabbed a pen, pointed at one of our team members and wrote "Cómo Estás?" He just wanted to know how he was doing. Some of the kids' stories were heartbreaking but seeing their smiles and joyful spirits proved that even in the most dire situations, there is always hope. We were thrilled to be there to serve them.

After setting up the eye care clinic, we got to work. We did preliminary vision exams, reading exams, tested their stereo depth perception and supplied all of the kids and staff with sunglasses to keep their eyes healthy. Approximately 25% of the kids were in need of prescription glasses to see clearly. 


During the eye care clinic, we also had nursing students who set up health education tables. They taught the kids about the importance of washing their hands and brushing their teeth as well as healthy eating, exercise and yoga.  


Overall, the clinic was a success! We are currently in the process of filling their prescription eyewear needs. Once the glasses are ready, we will return to provide them to the children. Stay tuned for more updates!

I also want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for supporting SOLO Eyewear, for buying our sunglasses and spreading the word about our mission. Without you, this would not be possible. We are tremendously grateful. 

Special Thanks to Amar Harrag, Katia Stsefaniak, Melody Tavakoli, Sara Langill, David Manning, Sheila Holliday, Chris Fisher, Spencer and Britt Bailey, Brittani Dereimer, Amena Adams and Ginno Carreon. Thank you for rearranging your schedules and helping make this clinic happen.

Also, a special thanks to Meridian Optical and Restoring Vision.