SOLO Eyewear works with various non-profit partners to provide eye care to people in need. This weeks partner feature is on the LV Prasad Eye Institute. The LV Prasad Eye Institute is a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive patient care, clinical research, sight enhancement and rehabilitation, community eye health, education and product development. With distinguished professionals and advanced technology, LVPEI is able to provide quality eye care to people form all sections of society. 

The mission of LV Prasad Eye Institute is to be a center of excellence in Eye care services, basic and clinical research into eye diseases and vision-threatening conditions, training, product development, and rehabilitation for those with incurable visual disability, with a focus on extending equitable and efficient Eye care to undeserved populations in the developing world. Since their establishment, LVPEI has provided outpatient services to 6 million people and surgical care to over 585,000 patients with over 50% free of charge by the help of partners like SOLO Eyewear. Visit for more information. Support SOLO Eyewear and LV Prasad Eye Institute by joining our Vision to Give!