Each pair of SOLO sunglasses purchased funds eye care for people in need through prescription eyeglasses and sight saving eye surgeries. SOLO Eyewear works with several non-profit partners to provide the funds for people in need of eye care.

SOLO Eyewear has teamed up with the RestoringVision organization to help fund eye care all over the world. RestoringVision is a non-profit that provides new reading glasses and sunglasses at a nominal charge to groups going on missions to developing countries. RestoringVision has supplied 1,900,000 people in 75 countries with glasses and SOLO Eyewear is fortunate enough to be one of the contributors that help RestoringVision achieve their goals.

It is amazing to see the impact a pair of reading glasses can have on a person’s life. For those of us without eyesight problems, clear vision is a gift that can easily be taken for granted. Reviewing the personal testimonials on RestoringVision’s website gives a glimpse of the impact on people’s lives.

I thank God for your wonderful work for mankind. My reading glasses were not adapted to my present eye situation like these new glasses. My vision has improved greatly as I read very tiny letters with ease now. May God bless you and replenish your treasury.
I used to help many in this village who could not read and write do such things as: reading and writing letters, reading doctors prescriptions and helping sort out medications for patients, filling out forms to save or withdraw money from the village credit union and served as secretary in the village council. I stopped doing a lot of it because I couldn’t see well. This pair of glasses will give me a right-round about turn in life. Thanks you very much.
-Mofor T. Joe
I lost my job as a storekeeper because I could not keep better records as a result of poor vision. My quality of life reduced greatly. I hope to do better things to improve on my life. Thank you a lot.
-John Tata
For more information on RestoringVision visit their website at http://www.restoringvision.org/. Help support the work of RestoringVision and SOLO Eyewear by joining the movement with our Vision to Give!