With 2014 here, many of us have welcomed it with open arms. The long lists of New Year’s resolutions have piled up: exercise more, eat healthier, give back, travel, the list goes on. At SOLO, we might not be able to manage your food intake or pay for your travel expenses, but what we can do is give you that extra push of motivation to be active.

Whether you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or simply going on a hike with some friends, our SOLO glasses are the perfect compliment to any active look. They make a simple statement: one that says casual, practical, and stylish all at the same time. Because we are all about letting your adventurous side fly free in the wind, we have made our glasses water resistant to protect our adventure freaks, nature lovers, daredevils, or even just our accident prone individuals against whatever may be thrown their way. Our glasses are offered in polarized lenses as well, giving our customers protection against the blinding rays of the sun or better yet, from the reflective glares of the gorgeous pacific.

Even if our SOLO team can’t join you on your trip to the Caribbean, though we do accept invitations, (kidding- well kind of) we’d love to be apart of your experience through our glasses. Grab yourself a pair of SOLOs, unleash your wild side, and allow each journey you embark on to be one worth remembering. Let your SOLOs tell a story. Let them hold the memories of the unforgettable sites and people you encounter upon each adventure you take.