SO·LO·ist /ˈsōləwəst/ n : A person who embodies the Live and Give mission, who lives life to the fullest and gives back, who desires to make our world a better place and live a meaningful, adventurous life.

Hailing from Victoria, BC, Canada, adventurous educator, Dan Duerden, holds the SOLOist Spotlight for October. When Dan isn't instructing his students in Physics, Physical Education, Outdoor Education or Social Studies, he finds time to immerse himself in beautiful natural settings while documenting it through thought-provoking photography. Be sure to check out Dan's stunning work on his Instagram!

Instagram: @dduerds

So, Dan,

What's your favorite adventure as of recent?

Sometimes I get this urge to be outside: hiking, walking, climbing, somewhere new, somewhere old--the combination of these doesn’t seem to matter. My urge on this occasion was to camp outside and breathe some fresh air--simple formula and ingredients! I only had a day or so free due to my other passion: being with family and friends! So I ran outside and up island to Tofino and Ucluelet for a whirlwind 36 hours. Not a lot of sleep for me--a lot of driving and some beautiful coastal camping, hiking and starry nights. I was refreshed and recharged to pursue a balance of my other passions for a bit again!

As someone who balances many obligations and hobbies, what advice do you have for the readers?

Oftentimes it can feel tough to balance my urge to explore with my other passions (family and friends, educating, learning new skills and ideas, helping others). Whatever those important aspects of life happen to be for each of us, the challenge is the same: how should I spend the time I am alive on Earth? Here’s the amazing thing for me: when I spend time pursuing one passion even though I may be missing out on another, I’m still experiencing one, so can I really go wrong? We may not share the same passions, but whatever yours are, I encourage you to pursue them! SOLO is doing just that with a mission to provide eye care for those that can’t afford it through their business model!

If you could visit one place right now, where would it be?

I loved the Middle East. If I had to choose a specific country, I'd say Palestine or Jordan.

What's one random fact about you?

I can speak Arabic conversationally!

...and last but not least, what's your favorite frame?

Tie between Dominican & Zambia!


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