Summer is the season universally known for its longer days, promises of beautiful weather, and well-deserved vacation time. It is also the time when adventures are never too far out of reach.

June 21st, is the official start to summer in the Northern Hemisphere. So, in honor of the summer solstice, this year’s SOLO Summer Interns would like to share what they love most about the summertime.


“For me, summer has always been synonymous with vacation. I’ve been fortunate to spend past summers in gorgeous places such as southern California, Florida, Hawaii, and even Europe. But what I love most about the summertime is the longer days. It just feels like there are more hours to the day, and because it’s summer vacation, I’m free to fill it up with however I like.”

Jasmin Manzano

“To me, summer’s allure has always been its endless hours of marvelous sunshine, paired with weather unrivaled by the climates of other seasons; moreover, it was traditionally the only time of year where one could spend the days however they desired, and spend them I did on countless escapades and experiences that have made me anticipate & relish the months of June through September every year.”

Jonathan Ngo


"What I love most about summertime is the freedom to spend it with my family, friends, traveling, and pursuing my hobbies. Summer provides a nice break from the rush of schoolwork and the ability to refresh my batteries. I can catch up on all the books I wanted to read and the much needed quality time I've missed out on with my family and friends. I haven't had a summer vacation in a few years, but right now I am in the lovely Cancun with my family, soaking up the sun, sand, and waves!

Greetings from Cancun, Mexico!"

Ali Lansing

From us at SOLO Eyewear, Happy Summer!