Outdoor Retailer Recap – SOLO Eyewear

Outdoor Retailer Recap

After 9 trips to Home Depot, 67 hours sanding, staining, cutting and building things and 4 bloody fingers later, we had designed and constructed our booth for Outdoor Retailer and we were pumped! We were about to head to our first big trade show. On January 20th, Nicole and I hit the road in a cargo van named, Big Lady. The 12 hour trek to Salt Lake City had begun!

The next day we pulled up to the convention center with Big Lady and got straight to work. We assembled the booth and were incredibly proud! Dana flew in from the Bay Area to assist and spread the SOLO word at the show. The next four days flew by - Nicole, Dana and I spoke with all sorts of folks. Over 200 people stopped by our booth to inquire about SOLO and our mission to give. The response was overwhelming. People loved SOLO! We were beaming. 


Since the show, we've been following up with dozens of interested retailers from North Carolina, Colorado, California, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, New York... the list goes on and on! We will keep you posted as more develops. Check out our new friend, Daniel, below. Daniel works with GoodonYa Bar, an organic energy bar company. He was at the trade show and paid us a special visit to let us know that he owns 8 pairs of SOLOs! Thanks for the love, Daniel!! 

With such a strong start to 2014, we are more than confident that we'll reach our goal of restoring vision for 18,000 people in need this year. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!



Jenny Amaraneni
Jenny Amaraneni


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