Hometown: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Favorite Adventure Experience: Spending 6 weeks on safari across several African countries and experiencing different cultures, landscapes and wildlife
Favorite Giving Experience: In November 2015, I worked with an amazing couple and a very generous printing company from southern Alberta. During Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week we sold my prints and donated 100% of the profits going to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. We saw amazing kindness from so many people and raised $4000!
Favorite Pair of SOLOs: Haiti
Instagram: @StephenUnderhay

I grew up in Canada’s arctic where hiking, climbing, and paddling were a part of life. Exploring the wilderness and spending a year living on a houseboat, I developed a yearning for wide-open spaces and the sense of wonderment for our natural world. Now living in Red Deer, Alberta as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, my career allows me the opportunity to help people in a fast paced yet serious atmosphere.

During my downtime from the fire department, I take full advantage of traveling and catching up with nature as an adventure photographer. I've developed a deep appreciation for the Canadian Rockies where most of my climbing and hiking take place. Some of my favorite nights are spent high up a mountain, keeping warm by a fire under a beautiful, clear night sky.

In addition to the Canadian Rockies, I've had the opportunity to travel across Central America, surf in Costa Rica, snorkel around the Caye Islands of Belize, spend 6 weeks on an African Safari, and most recently explore the coast of Mexico.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures!
You can follow me on Instagram - @stephenunderhay.