At SOLO, we believe in taking care of people and our planet and we know that is important to you as well. In celebration of Giving Tuesday, we're kicking off a 10 Days of Giving Campaign where participants can complete acts of kindness and receive SOLO gear. 

Each participant who completes 5 of the 10 acts listed below by December 9th and follows the campaign rules is eligible to receive a FREE SOLO Eyewear Tote Bag with a mystery pair of SOLOs inside. 

10 Days of Giving Campaign

  1. Hand flowers out to strangers and wish them a great day
  2. Register to run/walk in a charity 5k
  3. Volunteer for a local non-profit - food pantry, homeless shelter, animal shelter, etc.
  4. Adopt a pet or help a pet get adopted
  5. Go through your belongings and donate the things you no longer use or wear. You can donate items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army
  6. Donate $10 to a non-profit organization like Traveling Stories or Compassion It.
  7. Spend one hour picking up trash in your neighborhood, local park or place of business
  8. Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru – ask the cashier to count how long people pay it forward and report back!
  9. Leave kind notes of encouragement on 10 cars
  10. Write a thank you card to someone who has helped you

Participation Rules

1. Share a picture or video of each completed act of kindness on Instagram and include #soloeyewear #10DaysofGiving
2. Each participant who completes 5 acts of kindness and follows Rule 1 is eligible to receive a SOLO Eyewear Tote Bag and mystery pair of SOLOs.
3. If a participant is able to complete all 10 out of 10, then he/she will receive our SOLO tote bag stuffed with 2 SOLOs of your choice, 2 Guatemalan sunglass bags, 2 sunglass cords, and 2 micro-fiber sunglass bags.