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November 01, 2020

Tips for Improving Screen Time Habits

Living in the year 2020, our screen time usage is at an all-time high between smartphones, tablets, computers, and other technological devices. It’s easy to depend on technology for all your tasks, due to its accessibility and convenience. But if you overuse technological screens, you may struggle with eyestrain, insomnia, depression, behavioral issues, attention span problems, and decreased physical activity, according to research. Here are some tips to improve your screen time habits to avoid running into lifelong problems:

Set Boundaries

It’s extremely important to set boundaries and time limits while using digital screens daily. If you work primarily on a computer, make sure that every 20-30 minutes you exercise your eyes and give them a break. Once your shift is over, you should set boundaries and rules that you do not overuse other screens such as TV’s, phones, and tablets because you’re just shifting from one computer screen to another form. Instead, go take a walk, play a card game, or make a meal. This will allow you to detach from work and responsibilities, and shift into a moment of reality where you are present in the moment.

Control the Brightness

Another great tip to incorporate while using your screens is to control the brightness settings. If you have it on full brightness, your eyes are working extra hard to adjust to the light and colors. You want to match your brightness with your workstation or environment. Find a balance between bright while and dull and gray so that you aren’t straining your eyes. It’s also a good idea to change your settings from ‘Light Mode’ to “Dark Mode.’ This will make the contrast and backlighting dark so the text size and font is the white light. Altering your settings is essential when you want to give your eyes a break.

Remind Yourself to Blink

Probably the most overlooked task while using a digital screen is to remember to blink frequently. Blinking is crucial in keeping your eyes moist and lubricated to prevent dryness and irritation. Studies show that people tend to blink about one-third as often as they normally do, and sometimes only blink partially, while using screens. For all of you out there that forget to blink, simply close your eyes and allow them to lubricate themselves, you will be so happy that you did!

Use SOLO Eyewear Blue Light Clip-On collection

If you spend significant amounts of time using digital devices like many of us, do yourself a favor and try SOLO Eyewear’s Blue Light Clip-On Collection to reduce digital eyestrain.

Our Blue Light Filter Glasses are made handcrafted with 100% sustainable wood, and include a magnetic clip with polarized lenses that give you 100% UV protection. Don’t’ forget they are prescription-friendly and come with a wood box and microfiber pouch.

With every purchase at SOLO Eyewear, we restore vision for people in need in other countries such as Uganda and Nigeria. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

October 01, 2020

How Winter Weather Affects Your Eyes

With the winter season just around the corner, get ready for cold weather, strong gusts of wind, snow, and other harsh conditions. During the cooler months of the year, your eyes are exposed to factors that can cause unpleasant symptoms. Whether you deal with dry, irritated eyes, or red puffy eyes, there are preventative steps you can take to avoid dealing with the discomfort. Let’s look at some ways that the winter season affects your eyes:

Cold Temperatures

As mentioned above, cold weather conditions lead to dry, irritated eyes. When you don’t have moist, lubricated eyeballs, it’s nearly impossible to blink without pain. During the winter, people tend to blast the heater and trap in the heat, but this can be a main culprit for your dryness. The cold outdoor air tends to have the same effect due to low humidity. In order to restore moisture in the air, try using a humidifier when you’re awake and your eyes are open. You can also boil a pot of hot water and place your face near it!

Gusts of Wind

It’s never fun walking outside, and getting blown away before you even take a step off your porch. With strong gusts of wind comes environmental aggressors such as pollen, dust, dirt, debris, and other particles blowing around in the air. If you deal with allergies or watery eyes, the cool, winter wind could be your enemy. Breezy weather can cause red, puffy eyes and excessive tearing. It’s important to wear protective eye gear, such as sunglasses from SOLO Eyewear. You can also apply warm washcloth compresses to produce fluids.

Snow & Ice

In some parts of the world, snow and ice take over the land during the winter season. Between excessive snowfall and iced over belongings, you may deal with reflective surfaces that display immense amounts of bright light. If you have sensitive eyes, this can lead to increased blinking and discomfort. Changes in vision such as blurriness are only temporary when caused by snow, but no one wants to deal with unexpected vision loss. When you’re shoveling or scooping snow, be sure to wear sunglasses or goggles!

Grab a Pair of SOLO Eyewear Glasses to Protect Your Eyes

Since wearing glasses and protective gear is essential for protecting your eyes this winter season, SOLO Eyewear has you covered.

When you purchase a pair of sunglasses from us, we restore vision for people in need in other countries to share the gift of giving. We source our supplies from all over the world, and use repurposed wood, bamboo, acetate, and more to maintain sustainability. We are not just another sunglass company — we care about people and planet.

So, protect your eyes this winter season and buy a pair of glasses from SOLO Eyewear while also making a significant impact!

September 01, 2020


There are some who say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and whether that may or may not be true, your eyes are certainly the windows through which you see the world. Keeping your eyes healthy is critical as you get older, and one way to keep your peepers in shape is by eating foods that are good for them.

Raw Red Bell Peppers

Move over oranges, if you thought they were your best source for vitamin C – think again. Raw red bell peppers give you the most vitamin C per calorie, which makes it easier on your waistline if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. Vitamin C is good for the blood vessels in your eyes, and some research suggests it can lower your risk of cataracts.

Nuts and Sunflower Seeds

Many of us know sunflower seeds as the flavorless grey bits that make up the majority of cheap trail mix. An ounce of sunflower seeds contains half of your daily requirement of vitamin E – a vitamin research has shown to help slow age-related macular degeneration from getting worse. Peanuts, hazelnuts, and almonds are also excellent sources of vitamin E if sunflower seeds aren’t your thing.


A lot of people are unaware that the retinas in the eyes need two types of omega-3 fatty acids in order to work at optimum efficiency: DHA and EPA. Both of these necessary fatty acids can be found in abundance in certain fish, including salmon, tuna, and trout.

Orange Fruits and Vegetables

Vitamin A can help enhance your night vision. Orange fruits and veggies, including sweet potatoes, mangoes, carrots, and apricots all contain high amounts of vitamins A and C.

Protect Your Peepers with SOLO Eyewear

Incorporating a diet rich in eye-friendly nutrients can go a long way toward keeping your eyes healthy throughout your lifetime. However, it’s also important to protect them from environmental stresses as well – especially sunlight.

SOLO Eyewear’s sunglasses are prescription-friendly, eco-friendly, and made from premium materials. We donate 10% of our sales toward helping those in impoverished countries obtain the eyeglasses they need.

If you’re looking for eyewear that’s effective, environmentally safe, and supports a good cause, grab a pair of our glasses today and make a difference in your life and the lives of others!

August 01, 2020

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Your New Glasses

Receiving your first pair of glasses can be exciting and hectic at the same time. There are so many frames and lenses to choose from, so it is imperative to select a pair of glasses that best covers all your needs. Doing this will help ensure that you’ve selected the perfect frames to help improve your overall vision and make your day go easier. Here are a few things to remember before purchasing your first pair of glasses:

Keep Your Prescription Handy

First, before stepping into the store, it is essential to make sure you have or know your current prescription. Keeping your prescription in hand helps ensure that you select the perfect pair of glasses to improve your vision. Although you may like a certain frame over another, it is necessary to make sure they carry them with your specific prescription. For this reason, it is always critical to ask questions, and try-on glasses that you are interested in to make sure they help your vision. All in all, holding on to your prescription is an excellent way to minimize any purchase errors.

Think About Your Face Shape

Equally important, it is vital to consider your face shape when purchasing your first pair of glasses. Unfortunately, not all glasses will cater to your particular face shape. Ultimately, this is another reason why it’s always imperative to try on your glasses before purchasing. Trying on different frames helps you know which one is most comfortable on your face. Some glasses may not sit on your nose well, which will have you adjusting them a lot throughout the day. Tight frames have been shown to contribute to discomfort and headaches throughout the day. Wearing comfortable frames helps improve overall comfort while enhancing your vision throughout the day.

Consider Your Work Environment

Another excellent thing to consider when purchasing your new glasses is your work environment. If your job requires you to be in front of a screen for numerous hours, adding a blue-light feature to your glasses will benefit you completely. Unfortunately, studies have found that excessive amounts of screen time have been shown to contribute to eye strains, headaches, and fatigue. Ultimately, adding this feature to your glasses will help prevent these circumstances, which makes your day easier to go through at work. Altogether, considering these factors before purchasing your glasses will help improve your overall comfort.

July 01, 2020

Benefits of Wearing Blue-Light Glasses

Your eye health is essential to prevent health complications in the future. Studies have found that blue-light glasses are a necessary feature to add to your current eyeglass prescription. Excessive screen time has been shown to causes fatigue, unwanted headaches, and eye strains. Furthermore, recent studies indicate that wearing blue-light glasses are an excellent way to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV light. Here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing blue-light glasses

Minimizes Eye Strains

It is not uncommon to deal with eye strains if you spend most of your day on your laptop or in front of a screen. Studies suggest that excessive screen time causes eye strains, which contributes to discomfort. Unfortunately, for some people, it may be hard to minimize your screen time because your profession requires it. Furthermore, trying to accomplish your daily tasks while battling the discomfort of eye strains can be quite hectic.

For this reason, research recommends adding blue-light lenses to your current prescription. Utilizing this feature is an excellent way to minimize eye strains to complete your tasks throughout the day with comfort and ease. All in all, blue-light glasses help reduce the physical stress caused by excessive screen time, which makes your workdays much simpler.

Does Not Disrupt Your Sleep Pattern

Equally important, studies have found that wearing blue-light glasses helps improve your sleep at night. Studies have found that excessive screen time at night has been shown to disrupt a person’s overall sleeping pattern. Excessive screen time contributes to restlessness, which leads to fatigue in the morning. Wearing your blue-light glasses at night allows you to go on your favorite apps, or search the web, without the fear of coping with sleeplessness when you’re already to rest at night.

Protects Against Harmful Diseases

Lastly, studies have found that excessive screen time contributes to harmful diseases, such as Age-Related Macular Regeneration. Research indicates that AMD is the number one cause of blindness in the United States. Common symptoms of Age-Related Macular Regeneration include blurriness, difficulty reading, light sensitivity, and fuzzy vision.

Studies indicate that wearing blue-light blocking glasses helps minimize the chance of developing Age-Related Macular Regeneration over time. Wearing blue-light glasses help block out the light from your screens that contribute to the development of AMD. Altogether, adding a blue-light lens feature to your glasses is a marvelous way to protect your health and increase your overall comfort.

June 01, 2020

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products

Climate change is a real environmental issue that is being seen around the world. Many places in the world are experiencing the impact of climate change in their environment. People in different areas may be more prone to particular respiratory issues due to climate change in their location. Additionally, studies have found that wildlife has also been impacted by climate change over the years. It is necessary to make proper lifestyle changes to help minimize climate change across the globe. Here are a few benefits of using eco-friendly products.

Reduces Plastic Waste

Recent studies have found that 300 million tons of plastic are produced per year. Unfortunately, when most people purchase items with plastic, it is often used just once. Another study has found that over 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the landfill and ocean each year. For this reason, it is necessary to reduce plastic waste to preserve mother nature and the planet.

An excellent way to help reduce plastic waste is by buying eco-friendly products. Most eco-friendly products are sustainable and cost-efficient. These items are often composed of recyclable items, which helps reduce the amount of energy needed to manufacture the product. All in all, investing in eco-friendly products helps reduce plastic waste to help conquer climate change across the world.

Minimizes Ocean Pollution

Another reason you should purchase eco-friendly products is based on the simple fact that it helps reduce ocean pollution across the world. Unfortunately, with ocean pollution on the rise, this directly impacts aquatic life. It is not uncommon to hear about sea turtles and fish getting caught in plastic or birds and fish consuming plastic regularly.

As ocean pollution impacts aquatic life, this directly impacts our lives as well. Most of these animals are consuming plastic that contains harmful chemicals, which directly impacts our foods. As we consume fish over time, it may impact our overall health directly, based on the chemicals we’ve consumed.

Improves the Environment

Lastly, purchasing eco-friendly items helps preserve mother nature and the environment around you. It is necessary to keep in mind that air pollution impacts many groups of people across the country. Purchasing eco-friendly items have been shown to help reduce air pollution, which enhances our respiratory health. Altogether, our ability to breathe in clean air depends on the effort we put towards preserving our environment. Purchasing eco-friendly products is an excellent first step to take towards minimizing your carbon footprint.

May 01, 2020

Tips to Help Prevent Glasses Migraine

It is not uncommon to suffer from frequent headaches or migraines when wearing your glasses. Unfortunately, headaches and migraines contribute to overall discomfort throughout the day, which makes it harder to get through your daily tasks. Additionally, studies have found that several lifestyle factors contribute to migraines. For this reason, it is necessary to establish healthy methods and practices to help prevent frequent headaches or migraines from occurring throughout the week. Here are a few ways to prevent frequent migraines from wearing your glasses throughout the day:

Never Wear Old Glasses

If your doctor prescribes new eyeglasses, it is necessary to get rid of your old lenses. Studies have found that switching your glass eyeglasses has been shown to contribute to migraines and headaches throughout the day. For this reason, it is necessary to give your eyes the time it needs to properly adjust to your new lenses. Although replacing your lenses impacts your overall eyesight, it is imperative to never return to your old lenses. Ultimately, this prolongs the time it takes for your eyes to fully adjust to your new lenses. All in all, kiss your old lenses goodbye to help minimize headaches and migraines.

Remove Glasses in Dark Room

Equally important, it is necessary to keep eye sensitivity in mind when you wear your glasses. Studies have found that poor eye sensitivity plays a major role in migraines and headaches. To help avoid this, research suggests that removing your glasses in a dark room has been shown to minimize headaches and migraines caused by light sensitivity. Furthermore, studies have found that shifting your glasses in a dark setting is an excellent way to give your eyes time to relax and focus, thus reducing migraines over time.

Take Necessary Breaks

Equally important, it is necessary to take proper breaks from your glasses when deemed necessary. If your profession often has you in front of a computer screen all day, try to take a break from your screen every hour. During your break, aim to remove your eyeglasses and do a few eyes stretches to help relax your eyes and help them refocus.

Furthermore, investing in anti-reflective glasses is an amazing way to reduce your screen time if you sit at the computer frequently. Research has found that excessive screen time contributes to headaches and migraines. All in all, using anti-reflective glasses is an excellent way to reduce your screen time to help prevent migraines and headaches in the future.

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