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SOLO in India: Life through the eyes of others

"The past few days in India have been an incredible journey for SOLO. A few days ago, we had the chance to experience village life first hand. We visited a small village called Dintimeraka. Most of the people live in straw and dirt houses. Life there is so simple; they have so little, and yet at the drop of a hat they would give you the shirts off their backs. In the short time we were there, we felt like close family.  They catered to us--cut fresh coconuts and gave us the milk to drink, cooked a feast and never let our plates empty, and upon leaving, they loaded up our car with fruit and snacks to eat.  It is truly indescribable to see how they live, and to feel the amount of love they want to share with you.

Yesterday we toured L.V. Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad India, one of our partner organizations. We were beyond impressed with this world-class institution. It was clear why people travel to this institution to receive eye care. The walls were adorned with artwork from supportive artists, the gardens were lush and well-maintained, the staff walked around with smiles on their faces, and about 500+ patients were coming and going while others waited. In the 6 hours we spent there today, we watched an informational video, met the leaders of the various departments, toured all of the facilities, listened to a presentation prepared for us (which made us feel incredibly special), toured their School of Optometry and asked dozens of questions. It was truly amazing! The quality of care, the state of art technology, the wide array of programs and the overall ambiance--we definitely picked a gem of an organization with whom to partner!

Soon we will be traveling to their rural primary and secondary care centers. We can’t wait! Stay tuned for more information."

-SOLO Eyewear

MSNBC features story on SOLO Eyewear

We’re so pumped to be featured on MSNBC! Lauren Steussy wrote an article, SOLO Eyewear: SDSU Grads Provide Glasses for Needy, where she discusses the history of SOLO from ideation to current day.  We feel so blessed to get this exposure and to be able to help others through our Vision to Give.  Be sure to check out the article!



SOLO eyewear is HERE!

After two months of working on SOLO eyewear, we finally have a website.  Wooo Hoo!  We are pumped… hope you are as well.  We will be posting updates on Solo’s progress so please stay tuned.  More importantly, we want to take a moment to thank YOU.  YOU, my friend, are the reason why SOLO eyewear exists.  Without YOU, we wouldn’t be here and we definitely would not be able to fulfill our mission of spreading the blessing of vision. 

Thank you for checking out the site ... Enjoy! 

In true SOLO eyewear fashion, we have to recognize all those crazy, supportive individuals who have whole-heartedly embraced our mission and positively impacted SOLO.  A quick SHOUT OUT to all the following peeps...  You guys ROCK!



Jonathan Amaraneni
Kumar & Marsha Amaraneni
The Stern Family
Sarah Hall
Zach Luczynski
Morgan Patton
Brynne Fischer
David Priebe
Shawn Patrick Casey
Terrence Morrissey
Tim King
Dan Ramirez
Angie Giovannini
Renato Linares
Elliott Spear
Leanne Criswell
Sam Afetian
Ashley Shoshan
James Napper
Matt Decelles
Thom McElroy
Bernhard Schroeder

"Shine on, you crazy diamonds!"

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