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Mind, Body and Soul-O

Where my Yogis at? Whether you’re just jumping on the bandwagon with this whole meditation and relaxation thing or you’re a frequent yoga flyer, that is a-okay with us. On your quest to reaching a state of Nirvana we hope that you’ll come to some sort of awakening, spiritual or not, that leads you on a refreshing and stimulating journey ultimately landing yourself on our product’s page.  Totally kidding. We realize that any awakening will not be happening on our site; hopefully you’ll be somewhere cooler, like in a meditation garden, and of course, wearing a fine pair of SOLOs. This time I’m only partially kidding.

All joking aside, we love what yoga does for both the mind and body. Too often, we find ourselves caught in the chaos of our lives. With meetings, presentations, final exams, and job interviews constantly racking our brains, we are inevitably surrounded by stress. It’s important to slow down and take a minute to breathe every once in awhile. It’s also important to keep yourself active and in control of your body.

So, in between your wheatgrass shots and farmer’s market trips, we encourage you to take a moment to check out our site. SOLOs are truly made for just about anyone and we would want nothing more than to join you on your way to your next yoga class or chakra alignment. Seriously, keep doing your thing. You have our support and our glasses to back you up. Namaste Yogis, Namaste.


SOLO Eyewear's Vision to Give

In 2011, SOLO Eyewear pledged to help people across the world with each pair of SOLO sunglasses sold. 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to eye care. Thus, each purchase of SOLO sunglasses funds cataract surgeries and prescription eyeglasses for people in need. Once someone receives a cataract surgery or a pair of glasses, his/her life fills with new opportunities. Children can receive glasses to read with ease and excel in school. Adults can undergo a cataract surgery, have their vision instantly restored and become more productive and better able to provide for their families. The impact is life changing and affects not only the life of the individual receiving eye care but also those around him/her.

The SOLO Eyewear team has dedicated their efforts to helping people in need. With amazing support from you and others like you, our team has successfully funded eye care for 6,540 people across the world which has resulted in an economic impact of $2.4 million dollars. Join the adventure today and learn how you can help through our Vision to Give! 

Sight Giving and Receiving in Ecuador

In February/March 2013 I was happy to go with an Orange, CA–based medical team, Arpan Global Charities, to care for the poor near Quito, Ecuador, on Mission Suyay (hope).

Eye care was just the beginning. Plastic, orthopedic, pediatric, gynecologic and cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, a geneticist, radiologist, pharmacist, nephrologist, cardiologist, dentist, residents, nurses, echo technologist, social worker, and even the CEO from St. Joseph Hospital in Orange and his wife all paid their own way to make the mission. The 52-member team saw 1,500 patients, primarily mestizo, Shuar, Quichua and Huaorani Indians.

I saw a steady stream of medically underserved patients. They sought and received treatment for pterygium, cataracts, macular degeneration, dense corneal opacity and eye infections. Sadly, I also diagnosed but did not have the necessary resources for a surgical intervention on a one-year-old boy named Jeremia. All I could do was advise his parents on the urgency of going to Quito for removal of the eye and follow-up care for his retinoblastoma (a rare and aggressive cancer that begins in the retina of the eye).

Although this was the first humanitarian mission for many on our team, it was my 28th in needy countries around the world. Ecuador is one of the safer areas I have visited, so after finishing our clinic time, I didn’t hesitate to join the group on a sight-seeing trip. Plastic surgeon Daniel Jaffurs, M.D., Ph.D., accurately recounted this harrowing post-surgical moment:

“At the end of the trip, the plan was to take a bus to the local volcano, Cotopaxi. The elevation was about 14,000 feet and we were all told to drink a copious amount of water. The bus ride was very long and during one of the stops, the bus driver told us we shouldn’t use the facilities there but wait until further on. Further on was a really long time for a group of people who drank a lot of water and at the end, the facilities were a few hundred yards away up the volcano. There was hail and a 30+ mile-per-hour wind. Everyone ran off the bus. The men ran to the edge of the cliff and let fly. The women all went around the side of the bus and had to have help so they weren’t blown away. I would say we were a much tighter bonded group when we got back on the bus.”

Regardless of that hiccup, the team found great joy in the “helps” given on the global mission. They brought back life-changing insights into what medical resources can do to help the vulnerable and downtrodden escape poverty.

In my new book, Hope in Sight, I lend my eyes to readers on 27 medical missions over the past three decades. I invite those of you supporting or interested in medical mission work to read about actual accounts. The world needs you!


Aisha Simjee, MD, is a beloved and highly respected in the Southern California medical community as a board-certified, fellowship-trained and compassionate ophthalmologist. She has received considerable recognition for her charitable work locally and globally. She is the author of Hope in Sight: One Doctor’s Quest to Restore Eyesight and Dignity to the World’s Poor.

Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo is more than just a plant that can grow a few feet a day, but an invaluable resource that is one of the most sustainable plants of its kind. SOLO Eyewear is proud to be using recycled bamboo and only the highest quality materials in all of our sunglasses. Check them all out today!

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A Constant State of Dusk

When I was in third grade, I looked at the white board and saw a blur of red and green marker. I knew that these masses of color were supposed to be words, but the letters were indiscernible, the text unrecognizable. I asked my teacher to write in black marker instead, because if I squinted hard enough, I could just make out the letters. She complied, but the problem worsened. Soon enough, my parents were informed of my poor vision, I was taken to an eye doctor, and magically my eyesight was restored with the help of a pair of very round, very purple wire glasses. From that moment on, I learned not to take my eyesight for granted. I discovered the glory of individual leaves on a tree. Freckles and eyelashes were revealed; I could read street signs from more than two feet away, and most importantly, that faded red marker on the white board was no longer my enemy.

Since that first pair of purple frames, I’ve gone through my fair share of glasses and contacts. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, they are bothersome and easily lost. But then I look out over a Pacific Ocean sunset, and I am able to see the whitecaps on the rolling tide, the sand crabs as they scurry for safety, and the last whispering of wings soaring over the water before nightfall. These are the moments when I realize that sight is the greatest gift we can be given. Without vision, we would live in a constant state of dusk, blind to the beauty of the world that is so easily taken for granted.

Claire Lindsey
English Major
College of Liberal Arts
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA

Comic Con Recap

SOLO Eyewear recently made the trip down to Comic Con to debut Super Panda, the only light saber holding, SOLO Eyewear cape wearing panda that is restoring vision around the world! Super Panda was also spreading the word about SOLO Eyewear to other superheroes down at Comic Con, which sparked some awesome dance moves. We were also happy to see the huge crowds of people waiting to get a photo with Super Panda.

SOLO Eyewear would also like to mention a huge shout out to Eyes on Fifth for giving our street team the chance to talk to some people about SOLOs! We truly appreciate their support. Check out some of Super Panda’s dance moves below! 


SOLO Eyewear, Vision to GiveSOLO Eyewear, Vision to GiveSOLO Eyewear, Vision to GiveSOLO Eyewear, Vision to Give

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SOLO Eyewear's New Look

SOLO Eyewear is excited to announce our new website! Over the past two months, the SOLO Eyewear Team has been working very hard to deliver our first newly designed website since the launch of SOLO Eyewear! Woo hoo! We have added several new features that we think everyone will enjoy.

First off, our Vision to Give page now gives you a first-hand look at the people for whom we have successfully restored vision. We have also revamped our product page by connecting our sunglasses to your Instagram photos! Be sure to post your SOLOs to instagram and #solo"product name" to see your photos displayed on our site. This is an awesome new feature and we hope you love it. Check out the entire website with all of it’s new features here! Let us know your thoughts.

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