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Interns and Animals

SOLO Eyewear has some of the most creative, driven, unique people working behind the scenes. To show them off, we’ve made this awesome video debuting some new faces, introducing themselves and telling us about their role at SOLO Eyewear. We were also a little curious about what animals they would be and what would they call themselves, so we asked them that too. We wanted to give our SOLO Eyewear Supporters an inside look at the new faces behind some key positions that keeps SOLO Eyewear going everyday! Stay tuned for more SOLO Eyewear videos coming soon! Watch, "Interns and Animals" below.

The SOLO Stars featured in this video are:

Daniel- Our priceless Event Manager!
Paul- Four Words; Inside Sales, Outside Sales.
 The man with the plan or our Social Media Strategist.
 Instagram and Twitter extraordinaire.
 Customer Service Relations Woo!

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Summer Shades

The sunny summer months are now upon us and now it’s time to brake out your unique, stylish, protection packed sunglasses! The New York Times recently posted an article about sunglasses and the correlation between the price tag and UV protection lenses. Surprisingly, those expensive, designer sunglasses don’t necessarily protect your eyes at all from the harmful rays during the sunniest months of the year. Most people don’t realize the effects of UV rays on their eyes until it’s too late. While you can’t feel UV rays on your eyes, they can cause, cataracts and sometimes-even cancer from constant exposure to sunlight. Throughout this article The New York Times gives a few reminders before purchasing your next pair of sunglasses. Always make sure before you buy your dream pair of sunglasses that it clearly indicates that it blocks at least 98 percent of UV rays. If the sunglasses are vague and don’t clearly have a tag that explains the protection do not buy them. For example, some might say, “absorbs UV rays” or “defends against UV rays.” It’s important to note that you can go to your local eyewear shop to check the protection of your lenses. SOLO Eyewear can proudly say that all of our sunglasses provide full UV protection. Stay Safe SOLO Super Stars! Check out the article below!

Let the Sunshine In, but Not the Harmful Rays

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Forbes Features SOLO Eyewear!

SOLO Eyewear recently had the privilege of being featured on! Co-Founder and CEO, Jenny Amaraneni sits down with Bernard Schroeder, Director of Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University to talk about SOLO Eyewear. Eight companies were selected to be featured, seven of which are based in the New York area... that lucky company selected outside of New York was SOLO Eyewear!

Throughout this interview, Jenny dives behind the scenes about the launch of our summer collection, future goals of SOLO Eyewear and the importance of measuring impact. Jenny also talks about her inspiration to start SOLO Eyewear and the opportunity to provide meaning to the purchase of sunglasses.

Since launching in 2011, SOLO Eyewear has grown into a national brand and restored vision for thousands of people across the world. Over the next 5 years, SOLO Eyewear aspires to reach 1 million people in need of eye care as it becomes a leading socially conscious, eco-friendly sunglasses brand with a Vision to Give.

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Summer Collection Photo Shoot!

SOLO Eyewear would like to give a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Summer Collection photo shoot!

David Manning the most killer photographer to ever walk the streets of San Diego.
Cecelia Church for making our models look fresh off the runway all day.
Daniel Omar
 for providing our models with killer, head turning hair and make-up.
Erin Fischer
 for giving styling advice to our models.
Vocabulary Boutique
 for providing the threads!
Mimi and Lu
Sol Angels and Teeki

… and of course our incredibly good-looking models: Matt, Mike, Elliot, Kevin, Jake, Mira, Sammie, Chelsea, Inga, Rocky, Cristina, Toni, Nicole and Cassidy! 

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos below and stay tuned for the Summer Collection coming soon!

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