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World Sight Day Competition

World Sight Day is Thursday, October 13th. The purpose of World Sight Day is to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. 80% of the world's blindness is preventable!

To help raise awareness, we reached out and recruited three SOLOists to participate in a friendly competition. The prompt for the competition was: Share one photo that reflects how grateful you are for your sight.

View the 3 photos and Vote for your favorite one!

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Entry #1: Meghan Young (@missmeghanyoung)

"I'm eternally grateful for the gift of sight. Without it, I would never be able to experience the way these clouds teased the distant peaks while the larch trees glowed orange before them. Some moments are simply too powerful for words or even photos to capture and I revel in the beauty my eyes have allowed me to take in."

Entry #2: Dan Duerden (@dduerds)

"For me World Sight Day isn't just about the ability to see, or see clearly.  With so much of the world's blindness and impairment easily preventable, it's not that difficult to see a world where everyone is able to share these views!"

Entry #3: Kevin Monahan (@kevindeanmonahan)

"There is nothing that humbles me more than staring up at the stars and thinking about how small we really are and how much is actually out there in the universe. But when I have the chance to also watch a meteor shower then I know I'm lucky. These events and conditions don't come around too often throughout the year so I can't help but to say thanks to my vision and health for allowing me to see something that people only dream about!"

World Sight Day: October 10, 2013

Today marks World Sight Day which is a global initiative providing an opportunity to raise awareness of the causes of blindness, vision impairment, and the preventative measures.

This internationally recognized day falls on the second Thursday of October to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. This day is especially important to SOLO Eyewear because this is what we are working towards every day. Eye care has become a more relevant issue with organizations shedding light on key messages such as 80% of all visual impairment is avoidable and approximately 1 billion people do not have access to eye care. These alarming statistics have motivated people to enact change, which is what we are doing at SOLO Eyewear with our Vision To Give. Each purchase of SOLO sunglasses funds eye care for people in need with prescription eyeglasses or cataract surgeries. Visit for more information on World Sight Day.

What will you do for World Sight Day? Let us know in the comment section below or on Twitter!