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SOLO Eyewear CEO Takes NYC

As stated last week, SOLO creator, Jenny Amaraneni, attended the Annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in New York City.  This meeting brings together leaders who are “Mobilizing for Impact”. Here is an inspiring video of the work and impact of these organizations.

This year’s theme explores ways that CGI members and organizations can be more effective and to create lasting success in their commitment. Participants are invited to explore how to create scalable success with their efforts by engaging people, partner organizations, and key resources. For more information on the meeting highlights visit

 Check out some photos from the event of these admirable leaders.

SOLO Eyewear TIME Magazine Feature

Exciting information has been flooding into the office lately and we want to make sure we keep our fans up-to-date with our most thrilling news. Our team is excited to announce that SOLO Eyewear CEO, Jenny Amaraneni, will be attending the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting this week in NYC. Hosted by President Bill Clinton, this meeting will bring CGI members together under this year’s theme of “Mobilizing for Impact” which focuses on involving the right people and resources needed to drive effective action on global challenges.
In preparation for the meeting, TIME Magazine featured an article on Mobilizing for Impact. Of the six leaders featured, Jenny Amaraneni was selected to share her story about SOLO Eyewear and its impact in the world. Jenny explains in the article how SOLO aims to impact the lives of 1 million people around the world in the next five years. Check out the full article below from TIME magazine!