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June 21st is Go Skateboarding Day!


Remember that this saturday is Go Skateboarding Day, grab ya' boards and have at it!

On Saturday I'm going to hit up Memorial Street Skatepark in San Diego as well as OB Skatepark to take photos, and on Tuesday I'll put up a blog post showcasing them.

In the mean time, this clip of Daewon Song should get you all fired up. Watching him blunt-slide tree stumps is pure inspiration!


Fathers Day is On Sunday

Before I was around, my dad used to race bicycles professionally. I was super proud when I found out he placed 10th out of 5,000 contestants in a race he did a few weekends ago in NYC.

While on the subject- this Sunday is fathers day! These days it’s almost impossible to find a unique gift; one that excites and surprises, and your old man probably doesn’t need another BBQ apron. As you may know SOLO has just introduced a whole new line of sunglasses for summer. We think your dad would love all of them, however, there are a few that stick out from the rest. 

Give him something that no-one else has! Every pair of glasses from our “artist series” is made individually, making them all one of a kind. And of course we still incorporated all the features you love, including recycled bamboo frames and spring loaded hinges. Check out "the wave."

Does your dad look like this?

Yes you say? Well that's super bitchin' - you should be proud because Hasselhoff is the man. And the rest of you needn't fret- because SOLO has you covered. 

Give your dad a pair of our signature "Hoff's" and he will be towing boats out of dangerous waters with his teeth in no time at all. 


Speaking of boats, if neither of these glasses are floatin' yours, we have our entire collection available on our website.


Have fun this Sunday enjoying your family and spending time with your Dad.